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Bill And Omar's Excellent Adventure

Bill and Omar's Excellent Adventure

It Is Written, El Lawrence!


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Bill Kristol

Bill Kristol, out to protect conservatives in country clubs everywhere: "Ve must not appear crazy! Ze conservative gold iz under my protection! Raus! Raus!"

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck offends Kristol: "Dude, put away the crazy, you'll shoot your eye out!"

George Soros

George Soros: Take No Prisoners! We can control the caliphate movement! We can, I tell you! Even though I'm a collectivist atheist, they'll all remember that I helped them achieve world-domination with great fondness and won't behead me. I just knowz it.

George Soros and Omar Sharif

Gee, I dunno, George. I want freedom for Egypt, but do you really think the Muslim Brotherhood will let me play bridge and be in movies? I remember the days of Nasser.

So Bill Kristol wrote an article that, in essence, told Glenn Beck to shut up with his latest "Egyptian Revolution + Soros Collectivists = World Wide Caliphate Hysteria." Within minutes, blogs across the world took notice that the country-club Republicans were no longer going to have their cocktail party guests on the other side of the aisle besmirched by the great crying one, Glenn Beck.

Mark Levin linked to Robert Stacy McCain, who writes:

Bill Kristol says Glenn Beck is "hysterical" and it must be true because, after all, Bill Kristol is a Serious Foreign Policy Pundit and Glenn Beck is just . . . well, he's just Glenn Beck, right?

And then Dan Riehl got into the act:

In another place and time in history, the word for the sissified squishiness of folks like Bill Kristol and James Joyner would be quisling. Stacy points out that, not only is Joyner's position feeble and embarrassingly weak, it's mostly wrong. Perhaps it's too much to think that fellows like Kristol and Joyner might have a set of balls tucked between their legs inside the tighty-whiteys that they wear - poorly, at that.

I'm not a big Beck fan, for various reasons, but still, I think he's on target with connecting the dots on Egypt and the rest of the middle east. Especially when McCain tells us that Dr. Kian Tajbakhsh, a consultant for the Soros-funded Open Society Institute, said in 2007:

The Soros centre's job in eastern Europe is nearly finished. Its main focus now is the Islamic world, Arab countries, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

There's plenty of evidence that these guys think the world-wide caliphate movement makes an excellent pawn in efforts to spread collectivism.

A note of caution to them: It's a tricky thing to fuel a movement; you may think you've got it under control, but then again, it may end up controlling you. Remember Peter O'Toole?

Speaking of which, even Omar Sharif has his qualms. While he is happy to see a democracy movement, he is a bit concerned about the forces behind it:

"I don't want the Muslim Brotherhood," Sharif said. "They were trapped and now are starting to come out. They have 20 per cent of the population and it's frightening for me."

I don't blame him; the Muslim Brotherhood would probably kill everyone in Hollywood if no one was looking. They'd probably consider Omar an infidel, hanging out with the debauched ancient ones like O'Toole and whatnot back in the 60's. Plus, he also dated Barbara Streisand. The man must have an iron stomach and is clearly a threat to the caliphate.

As for Bill Kristol, I still think he looks like my second favorite character from Kelly's Heroes: the nazi tank commander. I think he rather writes like him too.

Isn't it time for our liberal State Department to take another look at Lawrence of Arabia?

Update: From SissyWillis, a reminder of a great Lawrence quote: "So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are."

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