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Family Guy Parodies Tea Party

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One of the basic tenets of satire or parody is that it must make fun of something that actually exists.

Let's say we were going to make fun of Dolly Parton.

Could we make fun of her for being a New York cocktail party-goer? Could we laugh at her for being a gangsta-rapper?

Perhaps we could - but only in the sense that she is not these things, and it would be funny to see her in such random roles. Otherwise one would make fun of her endowments, plastic surgery, or country mores. These are things that are demonstrably true about her.

Last night "Family Guy" decided to make fun of the Tea Party for being anarchist. The Tea Party is, of course, not anarchist. Advocating limited government is not the same as advocating anarchy.

What the writers of "Family Guy" indulged in last night was the humor of high-school bullies who single someone out as being "gay," regardless of whether they are "gay" or not. Ha ha.

Is the kid really gay? Nevermind the reality of the situation, we've got to make fun of this gay guy. Because if we do, we'll be cool. And popular. And oh yeah, the gay kid is also racist. Bonus points for a joke making fun of him for both being gay and racist in the same breath. Triple lattes if you can make the joke anti-Semitic too!

"Family Guy" indulged in the behavior of the hyena pack. They are cowardly propagandists and bullies, and they've overstayed their welcome in my home.


Update 1: Turns out this Family Guy episode was written by a member of the Occupy Movement. No wonder it was propaganda as opposed to entertainment. I guessed last night that it was written by Obama For America, and that's not far from the truth. h/t @suthernboy100 @roosterpisces

Update 2: Some interesting thoughts from Andrew Patrick on why the political humor on Family Guy sucks a mighty wind. But, I'm not surprised by the crudity of the humor; the crudity per se doesn't bother me. It's the humor part of the equation that isn't working.

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