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The Last Radio Broadcast on Earth

Hive Mind

Witness The Last Radio Broadcast on Earth


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Hive Mind is a dark sci-fi/horror film from director Ladd Ehlinger Jr. about the future of collectivism.

When cell phones evolve to the point of telepathy, the technology comes at a severe price. Users pay for convenience with their individuality and independence. They are integrated into "The Hive", a universal collective consciousness.

Conservative talk show host Doug Trench is the last free-thinking man on Earth. He's been hiding away all this time, and now that he's almost out of supplies, he's going to go out fighting.

This is his last broadcast.

Rebel radio show host Doug Trench expresses his frustration with the FCC and censorship.

Trench lets his listeners know how he feels about the "last of the geezers" John McCain.

Who thought he'd actually miss spam?


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