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Obama Hates Asthma People

Forced Slavery To Collectivism


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As an occasional sufferer of asthma, I've been keeping up with the planned ban of CFC powered asthma inhalers for some ten years.

I'm heartened by the sudden last-minute interest in the story at Ace of Spades, Fox Nation, Weekly Standard, and other places.

The blame placed on Obama is not without merit. He could, after all, with the wave of a wand and a presidential directive, dismiss the deadly ban. Then asthma sufferers such as yours truly could continue to purchase medicine over the counter, as opposed to purchasing more expensive - and far less effective - prescription medicine.

And yes, having tried many other medicines first hand, I can testify that they are indeed less effective. Certainly, the CFC-powered ephedrine medicines have "issues." They have a tendency to damage the heart and can burn the esophagus, etc. But the damned stuff works, unlike the other, newer drugs.

The newer drugs do have the benefit, however, of being patentable. Therefore the drug companies with those patents have a vested interest in doing what they can to make certain that Primatene Mist and its generic knockoffs are gone from the shelves of Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not attacking business. I love business interests, big and small.

Except when they get in bed with government to force me to purchase a product. This practice can be called many things - corrupt collectivism, socialism, crony capitalism, feudalism, indentured servitude, even slavery. Whatever you call it, it's wrong and it's evil.

So, to be fair to our current collectivist officeholder, he is not the first to have sided with the patent holders against asthma people. George Bush, that closet collectivist, had eight years to do something about the CFC ban. I believe that action was non-existent.

For all of my friends who consider themselves progressives, socialists, or generally fall under the rubrik of collectivist, this is the primary danger of collective action: it is always warped and perverted to serve the few, by the few. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Hussein, etc.: no matter what your flavor of collectivism, in real-world practice, it tends to become a murderous bureaucratic monstrosity, like our FDA. There is no such thing as "just" long-term government intervention. There is only corruption.

Do I think Obama will do something to save me and countless other asthma sufferers?

Of course not. Obama loves the donations of Big Pharma.

And Obama hates asthma people.

I'm not holding my breath on the matter.

Update 1: Statistically, African-Americans suffer asthma more than people with other levels of melanin in their skin. Given that AA's are statistically poorer than others, and will find this ban more onerous, one could say Obama hates black people too.

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